DIRTY AIR Front + Rear Tankless 4-ValveSystem

DIRTY AIR Front + Rear Tankless 4-ValveSystem

Complete front and rear kit + 4 valve manifold with all wiring, fittings and tubing for front and rear air.  With this kit, you'll use BOTH pumps for and front and BOTH pumps for the back, making it pretty quick without a tank.  Takes about 6 seconds to lift the front and 6 seconds for the rear.  Call for details.  We recommend calling first to discuss details and options.  Please note that if you're running a stock front end, you will need to add new fork caps to allow you to plumb air to your forks - If you have aftermarket trees, you should have a drilled/tapped hole for an air fitting, let us know what size that hole is (varies by manufacturer) so we can get you exactly what you need.

1 Year warranty on all parts

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