DIRTY AIR Front and Rear DYNA Air Suspension System

DIRTY AIR Front and Rear DYNA Air Suspension System


Complete rear system, and complete front system.  Includes 2 compressors, premium aluminum rear shocks, front air pistons and springs for applicable models, 2 dump manifolds, and all tubing/fittings/wiring etc to complete installation.  1 compressor operates the front, and one operates the rear.  Lifts most model bikes in approximately 12 seconds.  

Other option runs the complete system off of one compressor, and includes the proper valving to distribute flow up/down front/rear.  Front and rear operate separately, front takes approximately 12 seconds and rear takes approximately 12 seconds.  Please note this valving is not sufficient for incorporating an air tank!  Made to run as-is, not to add a tank!

Includes all components for a complete front+rear air suspension system, but does not include any model/location specific mounting brackets for the compressor(s) or manifolds.  Space is limited on Dyna models, so finding a suitable mounting location for the compressor and manifolds is up to the installer and could require some custom fitment and fabrication.